Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Summer project

The brief for the summer project was to be inspired upon Saul Steinberg's 'Techniques at a party' from 1953. We had to create at least seven very different characters of our own ( a4 size), looking at various illustrators for inspiration.

I was trying to think of ideas of what to base my characters on, I created a character called Gill, I wanted to portray the things I dislike about this characters, so I came up with a list..here is a selection I illustrated for the summer project...

1. I dislike that she walks around the house naked.

I then looked at illustrators that suited my own personal style( mainly computer and college work). I first did this on the computer, however in doing the head I realised that it needed that extra something, so I did it in collage- which was more like the illustrator ISTVAN SCHRITTER anyways.

2. I hate that she wakes me up all the time.

For this piece I looked at LUCY MCLAUCHLAN, I had quite a few problems with the body on this one as I didn't know what to choose for her to wear. I was going to put clocks in the background, but I decided to just make it the body in the end , which I think works well. I like the concept, but I do feel that this could be improved.

3.Getting drunk and sometimes not being able to control herself.

This illustration was based on the style of Jim Flora, I changed the idea several timesAS i wasen't really sure on what I wanted to do for this one, or how I wanted her to pose, originally I did have her standing like this, the idea was to have her holding a funnel running down to her open mouth , with wine pouring down it, however I wasen't happy with the pose, so I thought about what else she could be doing.
I then decided to change her body around completely, this gave me the idea to have her dragging on the floor, then I just re arranged her arms and legs to fit in. I already had the wine bottle, so I added a wine bottle- Not really sure that a drunk person would reach for it, but I thought i'd give her a bit of class.

4. The constant farting

This Piece was inspired by Martin Jarrie, its more in the style as he doesn't do screen printing, but I thought that it would be a good opportunity to try this method of printing. This was my first time,I think the red in the corner could have come out better, but I think it's quite a nice image.

5. Feels like she must get ready all the time..doing her hair is an important part of this making sure it looks perfect.

This style I tried using influence from Kveta Pacovska. Her images are quite playful and colourful, this sit he main thing I took from her illustrations. I used the hair dryer as the face and the beloved hairbrush is the hair/or the black spikes at the top.

6. Having to be at her beckoning call.

This is a rough sketch of what I want the final to look like.I am trying to replicate the style of David Hughes, and although this really isn't in my comfort zone I would like a bit of a challenge. I shall use dip and ink pen( like David Hughes does), there shall be a bell in her hand. The arms will be made separate from the rest of the illustration, with pins so that the bell can move up and down. This shall be done by using white paper. The dress shall be coloured in red i think ( as she wears this colour a lot).

One of my tutors ( Sue) looked at this and said that if you look at David Hughes work its more 3D whereas mine is drawn as if it were flat, this is something I need to work on for this piece.

7. I thought as a last one i'd do a nice image to represent the good side of this character, underneath all the dislikes, she is very caring and helps a lot.

The style I would like to do this in is Pablo Labato. The style is almost like a modern day Pablo Picasso, with all the blocks of colours and and variety of shapes. He mainly illustrates celebrities. here are a few images to show the style.

OMG! Wish i'd done this as number 7: The constant shouting!

SELF PORTRAIT: Hosting the party is me. I looked at an illustrator Agata Dudek. I love this work, combing watercolours and strong lines. This is a rough sketch I have done as an idea for my self portrait. Like the image below (of hers) I would like to add some graph paper and some more swirls- for the hair, and a background colour, and maybe arms but I can't quite decide what they should be doing yet.

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