Tuesday, 22 November 2011

sam project ( entertaining the crowd)

sam project so far..I'm going to have the words entertaining on cut out in white on the first line of bunting, then the on the the second line and then crowd on the third line. There are a couple more characters I ned to do and also I want to put some flash shapes for the characters with cameras. I think thats about it....

Final piece for Book Illustration- Sam Project

Thursday, 20 October 2011


rough idea for editorial project

Another brief we have been given is to create a rough for an editorial piece, the Editorial was about small wins equals a big positive impact in buisness. The idea above is like a snakes and ladders idea- having small ladders representing the small wins, and progression.


A text by Guy Browning , about self loving.
My idea is based on facebook pictures, about how many people take pictures of themselves. ( You can tell by the way their arms are). To me this represents self love as they obviously love themselves so much they want to take countless pictures of themselves because they are so hot and think that everyone should see them..and the strange thing is they have many friends because they pretend to be so innocent.

Another idea is to look at Greek Mythology:Narcissus who looked at his own reflection, and was so unable to leave the beauty of his own reflection he died.

Here is my Narcissis( will sort of the scuff marks) . I also want to add some detail maybe...will do this tomorrow and put it in photoshop where I shall reflect the image and use a blue colour to represent water

An Advertising Brief

Spam is seen as an old fashioned product associated with war time and rationing. To counter this and attract a younger consumer the Spam Corporation is planning a series of press ads to humorously and ironically undermine this notion while promoting the product as being fun and modern.

The brief is about creating characters in an environment. You are given a specific scene to depict as well as the context for your illustration. You are asked to devise appropriate letterforms, and include a photograph as an integrated part of your design.

Product should be roughly central. Main image features at least three happy characters, a spaceman or woman, a robot and an alien, along with appropriate paraphernalia. Produce image and text to your own style. Include text with the exception of the word Slam where you should use the existing logo.

This is my idea for a robot, my idea was to do something not so typical, as in alien with square face etc withwith different shapes and parts etc. Fir inspiration I did look at Phil Wrigglesworth illustrations- this is where the colours mainly came from, and I remeber in the second year I did a piece which combined photography and lino cutting. I would have liked to do a screen print for the collage parts, however I think the collage does work well.

This is for my alien. This one I struggled with the most because I didn't know what to use for the body, so I ended up with a flying saucer idea, but it turned out to look like some crazy cowboy, but I kind of like that so I used it.

Idea for spaceman. I knew I wanted a rocket for a body, however I did look into other things such as a space station, but I think this could have been too advanced for the target audience.

Work in progress...
At this stage I am not really sure if the overall image will fit the target audience of children

Here is my final piece for an advertising brief. I am actually quite happy with it. I think the colours work well along with the combinaton of collage and photographs. I might do a few tweaks to it tomorrow such as changing the colour of the spam logo to the same yellow as the collage yellow.

Final art work for spam advertisement. After many- a- tweaking here it is.

Monday, 10 October 2011


The first idea I had was to do with this candleabra i bought for this project, the idea was to have the candles lit, and on top of the flame would be the characters, in their various positions.
( maybe blending into the flame) the flame would be created by using tissue paper. I would combine Rene Magritte with some of the things from Keitaro Sugihara- illustrators that I have looked at in the second part: summer project continued. ( Obviously there wold be seven candle holders not three)

Another idea would be to use the idea of the board game snakes and ladders, having some of the characters climbing up the ladders and sliding down the snakes. I thought this could also be relevant to the idea of the word party as people play games at parties.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Second Part: Ideas for final party

Following Saul Steinberg's 'Techniques at a party" in 1953 you are inspired to host( and illustrate) a party of your own.

From the summer project you already have seven guests.

The party takes place in a room which in itself has personality..the proportions of the space, the furnishings, the period, the way its is decorated are all distinctive.
Looking at a variety of artists, locate objects and characters in pictorial spaces.

All of the guests, at least seven as well as the host- this is to do a self portrait- are interesting because of the ways they are depicted, each one in a different style, They are not invited because you like them, but because they are distinctive individuals.
Invitation did specify ' formal dress' but may guests have chosen to ignore this.

Output for this project is finished art work 250mm h by 400mm w.

Firstly I have looked at some illustrators that will inspire me in order to create this party, looking more specifically at the style of the artist, deconstructing and saying what I like about the image/ style.



Looking at Dale Edwin Murrays, work he uses a lot of simple lines to create his characters, faces, and few lines to create them too, along with a basic shape that has been manipulated to create the shape of the face.. But with this he manages to express the characters emotions/ feelings well. For the body of the character he uses simple block colours and outlines which capture what the character is doing or how the character is moving. It is clear what the characters are doing in every image which is important so that the audience does not get confused about the actions, and characters work well together.

Mainly used in the background he uses colours added with an almost cross-hatch pattern. This is the main thing I really like about his work as it makes the characters/ main part stand out.


Jane Ormes uses silk printing to create her work. Using simple shapes to create exciting patterns, her work features birds and anything environmental such a plants and trees, her images have few objects or animals, but her composition is very good., The work almost looks delicate, using bright colours that combine well.

This is something I would like to look at further, possibly in this project, colours and patterns that work well together.


These two images I picked out because one the first one it looks like he has used some materials such as card board, stamps and tape to maybe represent an idea, maybe from trying to save forests??, it works well because of the way he has represented trees, we all know they have leaves but by using an outline on a variety or types of tree and using them together it creates interest.

On the second image I this the combination of blocks or colour and lines work really well.


I love how in many of his pieces he uses different shades of the same colour, or colours with very subtle differences. the city scene images are very busy, and like many of the artists show a representation of something- in this case buildings.

In this one its very busy with more of a close up of the buildings, using pastel shades for the buildings, with darker pastel colours for the windows. the simple outlines for all the detail work against the colours. The buildings look quirky, and slanted.

Using blocks of colour for most part of this piece, works well against the cheerful patterns of the hot air balloon, the characters are quite "square", and stand out against the pale background. The lines are edges of each object make it clear as to what is what.


In Rene Magritte's work she uses very realistic patterns such as clouds. Even the buildings look quite real by simply creating a shadow on the windows, with the repetition and scaled down men. across the canvas.

This image I choose because of the use of realistic pattern of the clouds which is cut in the shape of a bird. The outline of he shape and pattern combined work well.

I find the trees on this very interesting, still holding all the detail of a tree, but in a leaf/tree shape, this has been represented well and makes a striking image.

In other works, its seems as if he uses an image that almost has this cut out effect to reveal another image, I think this is something I would like to consider in my final art work.

Yesterday I found an artist called Keitaro Sugihara, I absolutely love this work,using collage,within collage, making little details within patterns. Creating textured by scrunching paper and using newsprint have worked really well. The images are very quirky by scaling up and down certain parts of the image, and the use of colours are bright but not over-powering. Using simple shapes for the main part of the image and the smaller detail of the flowers, making something so ordinary exciting.

The second stage is to look at illustrators who have combined characters together in order to look at how the characters interact.Talking to Jamie ( one of my tutors), he said this was an important part of the process- working on how your characters work with each other, and to try and make it fun and lively.






Speaking to Howard( another tutor) he said somehow in this you need to look at a selection of artists and evaluate what you like about their work, and by doing this combining the bits you like and to filter it through myself, so it has some parts from a variety of illustrators but can show you as an illustrator as well.