Thursday, 20 October 2011

An Advertising Brief

Spam is seen as an old fashioned product associated with war time and rationing. To counter this and attract a younger consumer the Spam Corporation is planning a series of press ads to humorously and ironically undermine this notion while promoting the product as being fun and modern.

The brief is about creating characters in an environment. You are given a specific scene to depict as well as the context for your illustration. You are asked to devise appropriate letterforms, and include a photograph as an integrated part of your design.

Product should be roughly central. Main image features at least three happy characters, a spaceman or woman, a robot and an alien, along with appropriate paraphernalia. Produce image and text to your own style. Include text with the exception of the word Slam where you should use the existing logo.

This is my idea for a robot, my idea was to do something not so typical, as in alien with square face etc withwith different shapes and parts etc. Fir inspiration I did look at Phil Wrigglesworth illustrations- this is where the colours mainly came from, and I remeber in the second year I did a piece which combined photography and lino cutting. I would have liked to do a screen print for the collage parts, however I think the collage does work well.

This is for my alien. This one I struggled with the most because I didn't know what to use for the body, so I ended up with a flying saucer idea, but it turned out to look like some crazy cowboy, but I kind of like that so I used it.

Idea for spaceman. I knew I wanted a rocket for a body, however I did look into other things such as a space station, but I think this could have been too advanced for the target audience.

Work in progress...
At this stage I am not really sure if the overall image will fit the target audience of children

Here is my final piece for an advertising brief. I am actually quite happy with it. I think the colours work well along with the combinaton of collage and photographs. I might do a few tweaks to it tomorrow such as changing the colour of the spam logo to the same yellow as the collage yellow.

Final art work for spam advertisement. After many- a- tweaking here it is.

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