Thursday, 20 October 2011


rough idea for editorial project

Another brief we have been given is to create a rough for an editorial piece, the Editorial was about small wins equals a big positive impact in buisness. The idea above is like a snakes and ladders idea- having small ladders representing the small wins, and progression.


A text by Guy Browning , about self loving.
My idea is based on facebook pictures, about how many people take pictures of themselves. ( You can tell by the way their arms are). To me this represents self love as they obviously love themselves so much they want to take countless pictures of themselves because they are so hot and think that everyone should see them..and the strange thing is they have many friends because they pretend to be so innocent.

Another idea is to look at Greek Mythology:Narcissus who looked at his own reflection, and was so unable to leave the beauty of his own reflection he died.

Here is my Narcissis( will sort of the scuff marks) . I also want to add some detail maybe...will do this tomorrow and put it in photoshop where I shall reflect the image and use a blue colour to represent water

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  1. I think that's quite a nice concept. its down to how you do it. will it be like a victorian board game? have a look at a variety of snakes and ladders boards some are much more visually interesting than others